• Excise Duty from 1st January 2024
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  • Excise Duty from 1st January 2024

    Airlink Broadband Limited is an Internet Service Provider, having its registered office at Stand No.25989 Katima Mulilo Road, Olympia Near Mount Meru Filling Station Lusaka, 10010.

    SUBSCRIBER is desired to become the authorized Internet access SUBSCRIBER of Airlink Broadband Limited to access the Internet services of Airlink Broadband Limited in his area of residence / office.

    SUBSCRIBER is responsible to obtain necessary Statutory License / Permissions / Clearances, as may be required to avail the Internet service.

    SUBSCRIBER agrees that if he changes the Internet Service Provider other than the authorized Internet Service Provider to access the Internet provided by Airlink Broadband Limited, in such case Airlink Broadband Limited can terminate the Internet services immediately and shall not be liable in any manner to the SUBSCRIBER.

    We are not providing any field support or service from 17:00 to 8:00 AM. In case of any service related issue during this time please raise complaints/queries by logon to Airlink Portal. To Download "Click Here".

    Subscription Payment should be made before due date to avoid suspension/penalty.

    SUBSCRIBER shall provide the Internet access network diagram to Airlink Broadband Limited and if any changes are there, the same shall be intimated from time to time and also assures that he will display the network diagram at his premises. (Applicable to Commercial/Corporate users only).

    For all Internet related complaints/grievances/Issues, for any kind of internet service interruptions, the Subscriber has to contact the Customer care numbers only. Management is not responsible if Subscriber contacts other than customer care for his queries/complaints/issues etc.

    The Internet access service under this agreement shall be terminated immediately, if Airlink Broadband Limited finds any kind of illegal activities using through Internet and in such case the SUBSCRIBER is sole responsible for the consequences arised out of search by the Government / authorities of India.

    SUBSCRIBER shall not violate any rules and regulations by ZICTA and a specified from time to time and any violation is the sole responsibility of the SUBSCRIBER.

    The SUBSCRIBER is not authorized by Airlink Broadband Limited to re-distribute the Internet services provided by Airlink Broadband Limited to any others users.

    Airlink Broadband Limited confirms that it has got all the rights to amend any kind of new terms and conditions at any point of time for this terms & conditions at its discretion and the SUBSCRIBER shall be bound to accept the same.


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